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Samuel Liddicott sam at campbellsci.co.uk
Thu Sep 2 10:36:39 EDT 1999

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> Shane Miller wrote:
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> > Ttrue, however we this is exaclty the same for window.  If it doesn't
> > handle an event by defualt you can't force it to.  I remeber there's a
> > widget that detects the mouse move, clicks, etc that is invisible and
> > it's meant to be used to add this functionality to components that
> > don't have it by defualt. We could look into adding that to all
> > widgets that need it.
> GTKEventBox

then lets use it.

> > GTKMAIN wouldn't receive the info.  The new/user defined events would
> > be called and handled in the component, not in gtk.
> So you are saying we would need to add an event manager to LCL?

if thats the way, then *I* certainly am saying it.

> We have been drawn down
> in to discussions of WindProc, WinHandles, etc. etc. and it just doesn't
> need to be talked about or done at this time.

Glk!! The reason I'm talking about it is because I think it really does need
talking about early on, before we take a long strategy.

> We certainly aren't at the
> point to be talking the GTK people and telling them what they should be
> adding the GTK library.

If we are part of the GTK people we can express what we need.  And if they
want to win the fight against KDE, the more support for them the better.

> So I agree let's just keep working on GTK and get something done.

Good; but I've said before, I *need* the wndproc support; and I am modifying
the LCL to support it.
I also *need* GTK to be less stingy with its events.


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