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Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Sat Sep 11 21:06:54 EDT 1999

Jyllian Mitchell wrote:
> I would like to start by commenting some of the code already written,
> as that will give me a feel for how it all works (the various .pp
> files have me slightly confused), and is something that the web site
> points out as being needed.

Ooooooo. That would be an excellent idea. If you have checked out the
files from CVS you should also have files in the lcl/templates
directory. You will find a template for the .inc and the .pp files. This
template is the layout that will work well with pasdoc. This is the tool
that we are using that builds the user manual or documentation for the

> But I've no idea what files are in need of this,

If you look at the code just about every file. Up to this point we have
been concentrating on writing the code and not all that much on the
comments for use by pasdoc. Probably naughty of us.  :-\

Just pick a .pp file and start to comment it. You will see that it
probably references some .inc files. These are usually the files that
contain the class code to go with the class definitions found in the .pp
file. To start stick with one group of .pp and .inc files. When done
move to the next.

Be sure to add the header and footer information as found in the
template as well. This information is used by CVS to add change
comments. This helps us track what was done to the code, when, and by

> nor do I really understand how to upload the files with my changes.

At this point you can send your modified files to one of the core people
in the group. I would suggest either myself.

mhess at miraclec.com

or Shane or Cliff. You can get their email addresses from archives of
the mailing list. (see link at bottom of this email).

Adding these comments would be a VERY big help.

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