[lazarus] Lazarus Win32

Jyllian Mitchell grrlfox at ehmail.com
Sat Sep 11 18:56:01 EDT 1999

At 04:25 PM 9/11/1999 -0400, Michael A. Hess wrote:
>What is needed now is more programmer to help in the creation of the
>various components in the LCL the correspond to the components in the
>Delphi VCL.
I would like to start by commenting some of the code already written, as
that will give me a feel for how it all works (the various .pp files have
me slightly confused), and is something that the web site points out as
being needed. But I've no idea what files are in need of this, nor do I
really understand how to upload the files with my changes. Can anyone give
me a pointer as to what would be a good place to start? 


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