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Colin Laplace Colin.Laplace at wanadoo.fr
Sun Sep 12 06:05:23 EDT 1999


Thank you for your answer. It's really a great thing to use GTK for Linux,
but for win32 i think it's not the best solution. Why ? simply because not
so much people like to have to distribute also a 2 Mb runtime-library for
just a program. That's why the win32 native version may be another good
reason to say you've done a great work as for now.
BTW, does somenody knows the email of the win32 version worker ?

In deep respect,

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> Colin Laplace wrote:
> >
> > I was wondering if there were a native win32 version of Lazarus
> > available.
> > Anybody knows ?
> It is slowly being worked on by one of the members. It isn't our main
> push at the moment. We are mainly focused on creating a GTK+ version.
> Since GTK+ is also available for Win32 this means that you will be able
> to create Win32 apps using GTK+.
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