[lazarus] Q: Current progress

Stefan Hille stoppok at osibisa.ms.sub.org
Sun Sep 12 09:35:17 EDT 1999


I've noticed that the cvs is updated rarely these days. Does this mean
we're all too busy with other stuff or has the last discussion stopped 

Specially I'd like to know the status of the following issues:

  1. Is anybody working on the new approach with an eventbox?
  2. Should further development be delayed until 1 is ready for use?
  3. What's the status of TBitMap?
  4. What about TToolBar?

Since I'd like to port one of my program's soon I've some special interest
in TToolbar and TBitmap. Although I'm quite busy at the moment I'd start
working on these if nobody else is already doing that.



Stefan Hille          email: stoppok at osibisa.ms.sub.org 
48155 Muenster	      voice: 0251/664695 

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