[lazarus] Lazarus Win32

Colin Laplace Colin.Laplace at wanadoo.fr
Mon Sep 13 12:49:08 EDT 1999

Thank you. I know that Lazarus is great for Linux with GTK, but i think that
many Win32 developers won't like to have to distribute huge runtime libs
(not on Linux, gtk is usually installed there). So i'm just curious to give
a look to it ;-)


> I have done a little work on that, but have been under a rather high load
> lately and have not been able to work on it.  The focus for everyone right
> now is to get a GTK version functioning, since GTK can run on Windows and
> Linux.  You may want to jump in there and help, to get familiar with the
> environment, then later on the native windows can get a little attention.
> Jeff.
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