[lazarus] Lazarus Win32

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Mon Sep 13 13:15:16 EDT 1999

Colin Laplace wrote:
> Thank you. I know that Lazarus is great for Linux with GTK, but i
> think that many Win32 developers won't like to have to distribute huge
> runtime libs (not on Linux, gtk is usually installed there). So i'm
> just curious to give a look to it ;-)

Granted this little tidbit only relates to VB programs but it is
interesting all the same.

Minimum files recommended for installation along with a Visual Basic 5.0

orig. - 2,496,656 bytes       compressed in Zip file - 1,254,195 bytes

GTK+ Library files required for a Win32 application

orig. - 1,941,665 bytes       compressed in Zip file - 715,233 bytes

A GTK+ application needs almost 50% fewer files in size then Visual
Basic does. Alot of developers don't seem to mind delivering a whole
pile of files with Visual Basic applications.  :-)

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