[lazarus] Newbie needing help

Peter Vreman pfv at cooldown.demon.nl
Mon Sep 13 18:53:57 EDT 1999

> I'm new and trying to just compile Lazarus to take a look at it.  I'm using
> Windows.
> I tried checking out the code from the CVS server but it asks me for a
> password.  Since I don't know the password, I downloaded everything from the
> ftp server.
use login name 'cvs' and as password also 'cvs'

> The compiler compiled fine.
> The fcl directory didn't compile.  The classesh.inc file contains several
> procedures with parameters that appear to be reserved words (Size in
> TCustomMemoryStream.SetPointer; Root and MethodName in TReader.FindMethod
> and TReader.ReadRootComponent; and Root in TWriter.WriteDescendant).  I
> renamed these hoping to keep going (and changed the corresponding procedures
> in reader.inc, writer.inc, etc.).  After my modifications, fcl compiled.
Already fixed in CVS

> The lazarus directory didn't compile.  I get an out of memory message when
> compiling lazarus.pp.
Try compiling with -vl to see how many memory is used.

> The lazarus/lcl directory didn't compile.  I get an error message:
> Compilation aborted gtkcallback.inc:184, runtime error 216 while compiling
> menus.pp.
Don't know it, here it compiles fine with the latest compiler.


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