[lazarus] CVS Changes

Samuel Liddicott sam at campbellsci.co.uk
Fri Sep 17 07:16:33 EDT 1999

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> From: Shane Miller [mailto:smiller at lakefield.net]
> Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 1999 04:34 AM
> To: lazarus at miraclec.com
> Subject: [lazarus] CVS Changes
> I need to be able to do this in order to display the cursor
> correctly.  I can't
> simply draw it and erase it like I'm doing now, I need to xor it
> with itself to
> erase it.

Patent alert!  This method of drawing cursors is petended.  Daft, but it is.
Daft, because there are lots of other ways of doing it (like copy bitmap
before cursor is put on, and replace).

I don't care which way its done, but thought I'd point it out.


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