[lazarus] CVS Changes TCustomImageList

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Sun Sep 26 16:22:54 EDT 1999

At 12:50 26-09-99 -0700, shane wrote:
>/me wrote
>>OK, Some othe controls to do ?
>What about TScrollBar.  That's not finished is it?  I know Cliff was going
>to do it but got stuck on other things....I don't think it ever got

If it in't finished 'll try second

>Otherwise, look at the TNotebook.  I seem to be having trouble with it.  I
>added some code in Main.pp to display the tabbed notebook but it's not
>showing up.......It may be because I was trying to add the canvas to it and
>possible messed it up....

I'll look at this first. 


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