[lazarus] Has anyone else read this!!!!

Michael Van Canneyt michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be
Wed Sep 29 09:46:03 EDT 1999

On Tue, 28 Sep 1999, Michael A. Hess wrote:

> Here is something very interesting. All along I have been saying that
> Lazarus might not be an exact port of Delphi due to some basic
> differences in the lower level coding design. Well it appears that even
> Inprises port of Delphi isn't a port of Delphi. Here is the link to the
> article. http://linuxtoday.com/stories/10476.html
> They are making RAD tools for Linux but are not porting Delphi directly.
> It appears that Lazarus might be more of a port then Inprises.
> This is a quote.
> "According to Michael Swindell, Inprise group product manager for Linux,
> porting of applications developed on Delphi and CBuilder for Windows
> will be simple and straightforward.

True for vanilla Delphi applications that do not use
1) BDE
2) Win32 API calls.

> However, Kylix is not a port of Delphi and CBuilder but a new product
> using entirely Linux standards and Linux components while incorporating
> the best features of the Borland Windows development tools."

This is strange. I spoke to Inprise R&D people and they WILL port Delphi
to Linux ?

I have some information from Inprise R&D - which I'm not allowed to give you
- and it is _radically_ different from what the press releases say.

One more thing: Inprise people look from time to time at source code
from other developers that develop code in Pascal to see if no-one
copies their code. Just so you are not tempted :-)


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