[lazarus] Free IDE?

Sergio A. Kessler sak at perio.unlp.edu.ar
Wed Sep 29 13:28:45 EDT 1999

"Baeseman, Cliff" <Cliff.Baeseman at greenheck.com> el día Wed, 29 Sep 1999 
12:15:55 -0500, escribió:

>Here is one time when I agree with Sergio I love the language. But make it
>compiled and it then becomes something of value.

glad to agree, Cliff    :)

>BTW Sergio have you tried the compiled java using the latest GCC...
>How is the speed.

I have not tryed myself, but I've heard good reports, altough
support for full java (and 1.2) is not completed yet...
more info at http://egcs.cygnus.com/


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