[lazarus] make problems....

mooseman mooseman at uniserve.com
Mon Apr 3 04:47:07 EDT 2000

i keep getting a make error when i try to rebuild my win32 compiler and for 
that matter when i try to make all my win32 stuff....

make throws a
make.exe:  "no rule to make target 'clean'. Stop."
make.exe:  "no rule to make target 'cycle'. Stop."

i generated my batch files based on the howto win32 0.93 on the website.

any ideas? probably something simple. i am just not really up on command 
line compiling... (been using delphi for too long obviously)

also, when i just try to compile lazarus.pp using ppc386 lazarus, i get all 
manner of pathing problems for ppc to find the units etc.
i tried to edit the lazarus.pp file to redirect the uses statements to the 
appropriate subdirs but then i get illegal char erros. it would seem that 
ppc does not like either / or \ in a uses statement....

figured i would start off with what is am more familiar with, ie: win32 
before i moved onto the unknown linux. even though i have a linux box right 
beside my win box....

any help appreciated,

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