[lazarus] make problems....

Vincent Snijders vrs at dds.nl
Mon Apr 3 17:34:14 EDT 2000

> i keep getting a make error when i try to rebuild my win32 compiler and
> that matter when i try to make all my win32 stuff....
> make throws a
> make.exe:  "no rule to make target 'clean'. Stop."
> make.exe:  "no rule to make target 'cycle'. Stop."
This looks like make.exe can't find the makefile.
I don't know if the solution is so simple, but are you sure you are in the
correct directory when start rebuilding the compiler?

If you want to cycle the compiler, first go to the ....\source\compiler
If you type
    dir make*
you should see both Makefile.fpc and Makefile. The latter file is the one
that make.exe uses.

> i generated my batch files based on the howto win32 0.93 on the website.
check the drive-letter?

> also, when i just try to compile lazarus.pp using ppc386 lazarus, i get
> manner of pathing problems for ppc to find the units etc.
That is why you should use the makefiles... ;-)

> i tried to edit the lazarus.pp file to redirect the uses statements to the
> appropriate subdirs but then i get illegal char erros. it would seem that
> ppc does not like either / or \ in a uses statement....
to use units from a different directory than the current one use the -Fu
switch. e.g.
    ppc386 lazarus.pp -Fulcl -Fucomponents\mwedit

But I strongly suggest using the makefile, otherwise you will need to type a
lot of paths(also the paths to the include files with -Filcl\include etc.).

I hope this helps you, if not please send some more information.

Vincent Snijders

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