[lazarus] make problems....

mooseman mooseman at uniserve.com
Mon Apr 3 18:57:06 EDT 2000

yes, i would be better off using the makefiles, but i can't seem to figure 
out how to get past the
'no rule to make target.... '
i used absolute pathing in my batch files to be sure they were going to the 
right place.

one thing that is nagging at me.... i don't seem to have a compiler dir.
as far as i know, i have downloaded all the various files that were 

i hate tying all of you up with silly questions.

i think i am having some self made setup issues. i am going to blow it all 
out and start again from scratch.
will get back to you all if i get stuck again.


At 11:36 PM 4/3/2000 +0200, you wrote:
> > i keep getting a make error when i try to rebuild my win32 compiler and
> > that matter when i try to make all my win32 stuff....
> >
> > make throws a
> > make.exe:  "no rule to make target 'clean'. Stop."
> > make.exe:  "no rule to make target 'cycle'. Stop."
>This looks like make.exe can't find the makefile.
>I don't know if the solution is so simple, but are you sure you are in the
>correct directory when start rebuilding the compiler?
>If you want to cycle the compiler, first go to the ....\source\compiler
>If you type
>     dir make*
>you should see both Makefile.fpc and Makefile. The latter file is the one
>that make.exe uses.
> > i generated my batch files based on the howto win32 0.93 on the website.
>check the drive-letter?
> > also, when i just try to compile lazarus.pp using ppc386 lazarus, i get
> > manner of pathing problems for ppc to find the units etc.
>That is why you should use the makefiles... ;-)
> > i tried to edit the lazarus.pp file to redirect the uses statements to the
> > appropriate subdirs but then i get illegal char erros. it would seem that
> > ppc does not like either / or \ in a uses statement....
>to use units from a different directory than the current one use the -Fu
>switch. e.g.
>     ppc386 lazarus.pp -Fulcl -Fucomponents\mwedit
>But I strongly suggest using the makefile, otherwise you will need to type a
>lot of paths(also the paths to the include files with -Filcl\include etc.).
>I hope this helps you, if not please send some more information.
>Vincent Snijders
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