[lazarus] error by compiling syslinux

dvortex dvortex at netcourrier.com
Wed Apr 5 20:02:01 EDT 2000

This is what i get when i try to compile with those options in the
ppc386.cfg (in /etc/)
i didn't have one before, so i just made one with these in it...

can someone explain to me those options (or point me to the right place


PS: i'm using 0.99.12 as the release compiler. does it make a difference
versus 0.99.14, or even .15 ?

-Fu../rtl/linux -FE. -di386 pp.pas
{standard input}: Assembler messages:
{standard input}:15012: Error: operands given don't match any known 386
/usr/bin/ld:./link.res: file format not recognized; treating as linker
/usr/bin/ld:./link.res:5: parse error
mv -f pp ppc386

On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, Marc Weustink wrote:

> At 22:49 05-04-2000 +0200, I wrote:
> >At 11:24 05-04-2000 -0700, dvortex wrote:
> >
> >>I have the same result here. boohoo.. :'(
> >>I want to see what the status of FEdit is, so i can help putting it
> >>together.  :o(
> OK, I got something to compile.
> make sure the following options are (temporary) in your ppc386.cfg:
> -P
> -Fu/usr/src/fpc/rtl/linux
> -Fi/usr/src/fpc/rtl/inc
> -Fi/usr/src/fpc/rtl/i386
> do a make cycle, you will see assemble errors, ignore them, the second 
> stage compiler compiles OK.
> remove the temporayry options and do a make cycle again.
> Marc
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