[lazarus] Release news on Lazarus

Jarto Tarpio jarto at starsoft.fi
Sat Apr 8 01:56:50 EDT 2000

> At 13:31 07-04-2000 -0500, Baeseman, Cliff wrote:
> >Probably should wait to make sure that the make files are correct first. It
> >seems that alot of people are having trouble building yet.

I second that :-). An announcement is a greak idea and badly 
needed but it's not a good idea to make newbies hit their heads 
against brick wall just because the howtos were not up to date and 

One thing about the howto. The Linux FAQ says that you don't 
need /etc/ppc386.cfg. That's true based on how my install went a 
week or so ago but I keep seeing developers using this file and 
mentioning it. So which one is it? :-)

If /etc/ppc386.cfg is really unnecessary, developers should stop 
using it. Otherwise we may have makefiles that work fine with the 
core developers but not on fresh installs.

> I'm working on a new makefile set so his should be fixed soon. After that 
> someone should check if the howtos work for an ordinary cvs user.

I could check both the Linux- and Win32-howtos when they are 
updated. Just beep me and I'll have a look with a fresh install.


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