[lazarus] Release news on Lazarus

Michael Van Canneyt michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be
Sat Apr 8 02:22:28 EDT 2000

On Sat, 8 Apr 2000, Jarto Tarpio wrote:

> > At 13:31 07-04-2000 -0500, Baeseman, Cliff wrote:
> > >Probably should wait to make sure that the make files are correct first. It
> > >seems that alot of people are having trouble building yet.
> I second that :-). An announcement is a greak idea and badly 
> needed but it's not a good idea to make newbies hit their heads 
> against brick wall just because the howtos were not up to date and 
> tested.
> One thing about the howto. The Linux FAQ says that you don't 
> need /etc/ppc386.cfg. That's true based on how my install went a 
> week or so ago but I keep seeing developers using this file and 
> mentioning it. So which one is it? :-)

the ppc386.cfg is not needed per-se, but can be used to customize the
behaviour of Free Pascal on a system-wide scale. e.g. if your 'as' and
'ld' binaries are not in custom places, or the gcc library or whatever.

> If /etc/ppc386.cfg is really unnecessary, developers should stop 
> using it. Otherwise we may have makefiles that work fine with the 
> core developers but not on fresh installs.

The reading of ppc386.cfg can be disabled by adding '-n' to the compiler
options. Personally, when I test the makefiles I always add 'OPT=-n'
to the make command line, like in
   make cycle OPT=-n
then you get the result of what is in the makefile. You could decide to
put the -n option in the command-line options of the makefiles of course.


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