[lazarus] firing questions...

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Wed Apr 12 14:13:26 EDT 2000

dvortex wrote:
> I talked with someone not too long ago about an object inspector type
> of form. i was wondering if there is any kind of work heading that way
> already or not ? If not, I will be spending the end of the week to
> design one, and part of the week end starting coding it.

Go for it.  :-)

> i also saw some screenshot with what looks to me like a object
> inspector (which i don't see with my lazarus for some reason i can't
> explain :o)

That screenshot is of the Fedit3 application. Sam Liddicott work on the
original Fedit3 product and he had aquired rights to use it in the
Lazarus project as our RAD environment. However, Sam reported a few
weeks ago that he had to leave the list temporarily and has returned
yet. Since neither Shane or myself have actually seen the release
document he has for Fedit3 I am starting to worry about using it as a
base for our code. In any event you can still look at it and either
start to see about porting it (it is in Delphi) or at least use it as a
starting point for coding something original. You can get the Fedit3
code at the following URL:

   ftp://ftp.miraclec.com/lazarus/fedit3.zip  815,418 bytes

You might also want to look at Handel.

   ftp://ftp.miraclec.com/lazarus/handel.zip          592,736 bytes
   ftp://ftp.miraclec.com/lazarus/handel_source.zip   229,385 bytes

> (who should i talk to to get CVS access ? or should i just start by
> sending some patches/new files)

Start by sending patches and new files to Shane, Marc, or myself (in
that order).   :-)

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