[lazarus] Lazarus stable developer release?

Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl
Thu Apr 13 05:11:45 EDT 2000

+ From: Michael A. Hess [mailto:mhess at miraclec.com]
+ This is sort of what I meant by a release of Lazarus. We
+ determine that it is at an interesting point in development
+ and we package the source
+ for everything in the Lazarus tree and combine it with the latest
+ snapshot of the compiler (both Win32 and Linux). However I don't
+ recommend that we attempt to do this every night.

I don't mind to create a cronjob for a normal user which gets the CVS,
compiles the compiler, if ok the compiles lazarus, if ok then put it in 3
archives (lazarus.bin.date.tgz, lazarus.src.date.tgz, fpc.bin.date.tgz)

This way you always have something that compiles.

+ I would say we only do this over time when we have added new items that
+ warrant interest or a version number change.

That would then be a symlink to a given archive.

+ Another thing to remember is that there is already a .zip file of the
+ lazarus source generated every night. We could just as easily create
+ some URL links on the site to the nightly compiler snapshots and the
+ nightly generated Lazarus source. If we created some easy to
+ use scripts that are stored in CVS along with the source that works by
+ downloading the source zip file and the compiler snapshot that would
+ serve the exact same purpose.

what I propose is to only create an archive if it compiles (and works),
otherwise one will end up with somithing they can't try.


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