[lazarus] Lazarus stable developer release?

Jarto Tarpio jarto at starsoft.fi
Thu Apr 13 05:29:17 EDT 2000

Marc wrote:
> I don't mind to create a cronjob for a normal user which gets the CVS,
> compiles the compiler, if ok the compiles lazarus, if ok then put it in 3
> archives (lazarus.bin.date.tgz, lazarus.src.date.tgz, fpc.bin.date.tgz)
> This way you always have something that compiles.


> what I propose is to only create an archive if it compiles (and works),
> otherwise one will end up with somithing they can't try.

IMHO this would be the best solution. We don't have to build 
anything manually and we'd also get to check if everything 
compiles nicely and, er, then ship it ;-)


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