[lazarus] Serious question - All readers please respond

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Sat Apr 15 20:15:25 EDT 2000


I am in the process of trying to find a way to have a book printed of
the FPC manuals. As you are well aware there is already a German
translation of the manual in book form. The next step was to find a
publisher to make an English version.

It has not gone well. One publisher was hot an heavy to do it but during
a review board session it was rejected. The main reason for rejecting it
was because a version of the manual is already available online. They
felt that people would just download and print their own copy of the
manual. In my opinion that is nuts given the fact that the manuals
consist of 717 pages. I am not about to print that out myself. Currently
there is still one publisher reviewing it but I am not counting on that

So one of the next things I am researching is to self publish the book.
This will mean that I will fund the actual printing of the book and then
market the book to bookstores and places like Amazon. We would also sell
it from both the FPC and Lazarus web sites.

Before I leap into such an expenditure I would like to know how many
people would purchase the FPC manuals in English in printed form.

Please respond if you would like the book or if you would never purchase
it. No firm price has been set since it will depend on what it costs me
to actually produce the book. However I suspect that it would be in the
range of $39-$59 US.

Instead of responding to this mailing list with your answer please send
your answer directly to me.

If you would buy a copy of the book select this link

     mailto:mhess at miraclec.com?subject=I%20want%20a%20copy

If you would NOT buy a copy select this link

     mailto:mhess at miraclec.com?subject=I%20would%20not%20buy%20it

Thank you for responding to the survey.

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