[lazarus] QT just a little set back

codepunk vbman at pcpros.net
Sun Apr 16 02:06:33 EDT 2000


  I have to go back and do a little modification to the qt library code
tomorrow. The QT library uses two different types of event models at the same
time. First some of the events are called as virtual class methods the other
method is to attach a signal and slot together. I had implemented the signal
slot method which is great but I have to decend a widget type ot implement
virtual event handlers. This means I will have to decend a custom widget for
each type that I wish to define. I found this little beauty because the
mouse methods are virtuals to the QWidget class. I needed the mouse events
to trigger the LCL click methods. Glad I found it now insted of later it could
have been a pain in the ass to redo later.

This may be even better because I will create custom signals and slots for the
widget events that I need. This is working kind of cool since I have total
control of the toolkit interface, I publish it the way I want and whatever is
easiest to code to the LCL.


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