[lazarus] Fresh meat announcement

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Sun Apr 16 20:40:57 EDT 2000

codepunk wrote:
> Mike are you still planning on doing a fresh meat announcement any
> time soon.??

Yes. I guess we have fleshed out all of the problems with the HowTos by
now. I will make the changes to those from all of the reports. I was
busy the end of last week dealing with the book stuff so I didn't update
them yet. When that is done I will make the announcements. So I would
suspect it will be Tuesday or Wednesday. Maybe I can have the bug
tracking stuff available by then as well.
> I just added the QT interface code so it is now possible to compile
> hello world using the LCL and QT widgets. So I guess we can claim that
> QT is at least somewhat functional.  I also update the new page with
> the info.

Great! I was hoping you might have something tangible before I made an
announcement. It lends more teeth and interest. How does making it work
with Qt relate to KDE. I know that making something GTK doesn't mean it
is Gnomeish. We will need to do a Gnome interface in the future as well.
Will we need to make a KDE specific interface as well? I don't know that
much about coding Qt or KDE. How much of a deal will it be?

> Do you need screenshots of both?

Screenshots would be a big plus. If you look at the usage reports you
can see that screenshots is one of the most visited pages. People like
to visually see what is going on and what can be done.


As another general question are there any Gnome developers out there
that can work on the Gnome interface to the LCL? It really shouldn't be
that difficult. Just a matter of modifing the application startup stuff
and a few other items.

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