[Lazarus] Calling the compiler

Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl
Mon Apr 17 11:22:10 EDT 2000

+ From: Jeff Wormsley [mailto:daworm at cdc.net]
+ Ok.  The only reason I asked is that it is difficult to get
+ everything working with the command line, especially on Win9x
+ where the command line length is very constrained.

There you have a point

+ It seemed
+ that since everything now can be done via makefile, that it
+ would be easier to get this working than incorporating the
+ make functionality.  I hadn't realized the difficulties
+ involved in unit interdependancy.

Hmm... The working Makefiles as you see them is just no the surface. They
compile everything for any target to solve unit interdependancy. This is not
the way to go in the future.


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