Calling the compiler

Jeff Wormsley daworm at
Mon Apr 17 09:42:23 EDT 2000

>On Mon, 17 Apr 2000, codepunk wrote:
>Calling the compiler directly eliminates possible bugs in Makefiles, false
>dependencies, eliminates the need for make, and will work faster...
>Not to mention that make gets totally confused if you have interdependency
>of units.
>You can use some makefile kind of project group (If you look at the project
>group in Delphi, you'll see that it _IS_ a makefile); but I wouldn't put any
>rules in it at all. Just some targets...

Ok.  The only reason I asked is that it is difficult to get everything working with the command line, especially on Win9x where the command line length is very constrained.  It seemed that since everything now can be done via makefile, that it would be easier to get this working than incorporating the make functionality.  I hadn't realized the difficulties involved in unit interdependancy.


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