[lazarus] Exit Lazarus program cause troubles

Bogdan M.Maryniuck (UAB Diprintas) mbm at diprintas.lt
Tue Apr 18 06:45:20 EDT 2000

Hi, all!
Here is a one (small) trouble, but not too sweet.
When user is CLOSING my program by:

procedure someform.button1click(sender:tobject);
    close;   // closing *main* form and exiting the application

...then (in Linux platform -- I don't know about Win32):

Segmentation fault
Core is dumped

Because some memory allocation somewhere is not properly handled (or
Hmm... It's not too bad for 0.1 version: program is terminated and worked
buddy... user always can see a red file (about ~1 meg) with 'core' name
-( How to fix it?
Ok, I did it by cr-r-r-reated some file, which is runned my program like:

./program > /dev/null     # Removing a garbage from terminal, if user
                                       # is runned from it
rm core                          # Remove the 'core' file ;)

-- remove a StOut & User Shock, when user is runned my program from an
and remove a 'core' file after my program crash, when exiting ;-)))) Ok,
boys, now how
I can to fix it ***inside*** the Lazarus?

Thank you (all).
Best regards,
         Bogdan M.Maryniuck

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