[lazarus] cvs updated

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Tue Apr 18 16:10:13 EDT 2000

I moved the compiler code to compiler.pp
I added functions for pulling out a line number, column number, and unit name out of the error messages.

When you double click on an error message in the Compiler Message dialog it will now bring up the editor and open that unit for editing.  It positions the cursor but it doesn't get focus so it doesn't display the cursor.  If it already HAD focus, then the cursor is in the old spot it was in until you press a key, then it jumps to the new spot.

I'll have to look at that further, or someone else can feel free to look at it.

I did actually create a project, change the unit1.pp file so there was an error in it, compile, click on the error, take it out, save and recompile and it worked.  
We are getting a little closer......


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