[lazarus] CVS Updated

Curtis White cwhite at aracnet.com
Mon Apr 24 01:12:03 EDT 2000

I made the following changes to CVS today.

- Fixed function in lazconf.inc to expand the filename when ~ is used.
- Changed MkDir function to CreateDir in lazconf.inc
- Fixed Makefile to compile in the proper lazconf.inc file.
- Made compiler options check for primary path first for XML config file. If it doesn't exist, it will create the path (on Linux - Windows should have the path because that is where Lazarus is installed) and file.

Now compiler options should work for everyone. It should save and restore the compiler options to the ~/.lazarus/compileroptions.xml file on Linux. Windows should save and restore the compiler options to lazarusdir\compileroptions.xml, where lazarusdir is the location lazarus is installed and run from. I haven't tested it on Windows yet, so
someone might want to check to make sure it saves and restores the compiler options on Windows.

I still need to add the code to get it to check the secondary path and load the config options from there if the primary path does not exist. But for now, it just sets the values to default values if the file and path do not exist.


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