[lazarus] Win32, make and Makefiles

Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl
Wed Apr 19 04:38:52 EDT 2000

After some reports of troubles with compiling lazarus on te win32 platform,
I finally tried it (NT4SP6).
Till the problems I ran into are solved I think we should *not* announce

As I reported earlier make cycle of the compiler didn't work, but that
didn't stop me to make lazarus. The make of lazarus stops at the dir
lcl/interfaces. And this looks like a LFN problem.
After some surfing I concluded that this is a make problem. I couldn't find
(didn't look hard, shouldn't there be a pointer ?) which port of make we
use, but I assume DJGPP.
>From the FAQ, DJGPP supports LFN as long as the underlying dosbox supports
LFN in their int21 routines. It seems that win95 (or was it 98) supports
this and WinNT doesn't. There seemed to be a driver for WinNT to add the LFN
support, but I couldn't get it to work.
>From the DJGPP site I was pointed to other projects (didn't think of it
earlier). Sigwin32 and mingw32 are also ports for the win32 platform.
For historical resons I tried the mingw32 make. It didn't have problems with
LFNs, but after the first build I ran into others (it tried to remake the
makefile ???).

Till so far my experiences, to be continued.....


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