[lazarus] Win32, make and Makefiles

dvortex dvortex at netcourrier.com
Wed Apr 19 12:04:22 EDT 2000

Have you tryed to get cygwin installed on your NT. i know that the full
developer kit comes with make.exe. maybe it would be a goof thing to have
a (quick) look at it (if you didn't do that yet :o)

On Wed, 19 Apr 2000, Marc Weustink wrote:

> Hi,
> After some reports of troubles with compiling lazarus on te win32 platform,
> I finally tried it (NT4SP6).
> Till the problems I ran into are solved I think we should *not* announce
> Lazarus.
> As I reported earlier make cycle of the compiler didn't work, but that
> didn't stop me to make lazarus. The make of lazarus stops at the dir
> lcl/interfaces. And this looks like a LFN problem.
> After some surfing I concluded that this is a make problem. I couldn't find
> (didn't look hard, shouldn't there be a pointer ?) which port of make we
> use, but I assume DJGPP.
> >From the FAQ, DJGPP supports LFN as long as the underlying dosbox supports
> LFN in their int21 routines. It seems that win95 (or was it 98) supports
> this and WinNT doesn't. There seemed to be a driver for WinNT to add the LFN
> support, but I couldn't get it to work.
> >From the DJGPP site I was pointed to other projects (didn't think of it
> earlier). Sigwin32 and mingw32 are also ports for the win32 platform.
> For historical resons I tried the mingw32 make. It didn't have problems with
> LFNs, but after the first build I ran into others (it tried to remake the
> makefile ???).
> Till so far my experiences, to be continued.....
> Marc
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