[lazarus] Designer GLADE usage

Mary Baeseman vbman at pcpros.net
Tue Apr 25 21:52:18 EDT 2000

Well yes and no, I am a firm believer in not recreating the wheel. I will
still have to modify glade just a little but we as Open Source developers
need to use what is at our disposal.  It is to our distinct advantage to use
glade as the interface builder in my opinion.

My most major goal right now is beating kylix out the door with a 1.0
release. They cannot use glade or I bet they would be doing it.

I am looking at the glade code right now to see what I have to do with it if
anything to make this possible.

Believe me if I had the time to write it in Lazarus I sure would but as it
stands there are only but about 4 or 5 acitve developers so I have to do
what I have to do.

Take a look at the KDevelop product they actually integrated about 6
different projects into the IDE. I do not really care about what it is
written in as long as it just plain works.

Anyhow I am going to take a  quick stab at it and see how well my theory
works. Mike I will send you a xml file from glad in a  minute just so that
you can visualize how it would work.


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>At 07:40 PM 25/04/00 -0700, you wrote:
>>Hey why are we even trying to build our own designer how about we use
>>GLADE instead. We may need to hack it a little to make a clean integration
>>but it should be absolutley possible to move things along very quickly.
>         IMHO lazarus should be completely written in lazarus..
>         it proves the power of it
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