[lazarus] Designer GLADE usage

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Tue Apr 25 22:09:12 EDT 2000

Mary Baeseman wrote:
> It is to our distinct advantage to use glade as the interface builder
> in my opinion.
> My most major goal right now is beating kylix out the door with a 1.0
> release. They cannot use glade or I bet they would be doing it.

Cliff and I discussed this a little and I agree with him. While I
eventually would like to see a design tool built into Lazarus we are
short on two things. Developers and time. Developers in that only a few
people are actually contributing code or effort to the project. Time, in
that we want to beat Kylix to the punch.

Right now we are setting here looking at the effort to built the
designer and not really knowing where to start or attack it. With GLADE
the interface is already available and available on several platforms.
The other advantage is that even if we develop our own designer which
saves info in an XML file we need a way to go from the XML to either
Pascal code turning it into a resource that is linked into the

Since GLADE already saves it's data into an XML file we can work on this
portion of the tool. We can work on converting the XML data into
something that can be used in an LCL bases application. Once we have
that worked out with the GLADE output we can then start working on our
own designer that saves XML output. The work spent on GLADE will be of
value and give us some RAD capabilities sooner.

Since GLADE has it's own team of developers constantly improving their
tool we have an additional ready made team that is in a sense adding to
the Lazarus effort.

In any event I think it is an avenue that is worth exploring.
> Mike I will send you a xml file from glad in a  minute just so that
> you can visualize how it would work.

Okay do-kay.  :-)

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