[lazarus] GLADE Progress and QT engine

dvortex dvortex at netcourrier.com
Sat Apr 29 00:33:02 EDT 2000

I have a framework.

i am looking at having the XML loading/saving right now (i was hoping i
could copy that from you :o)
for the rest, i have a beginning of the inspect code (getprop stuff). i
still need to figure out how to get that merged with the IDE and the form
designer. I'm thinking that the designing part should probably be in the
TForm level, like a state "csDesigning" or something like that that would
override the "onClick" stuff to get the designing code. that means i have
to go deep in the control stuff (or maybe not that deep :o). 

I am slowy going there. By the end of the weekend, i should have something
that like that a solution (no garantee that it would work but hey, i'm
trying :o). I will send you my unit (basically the objectInspector
code) and some "doc" i wrote about it, how it would interface with the
IDE and so forth... hopefully, i will be able to get that done and send
the patch to Shane too. but i don't want to show how bad a coder i am :p

ok, back to work...

On Fri, 28 Apr 2000, Cliff Baeseman wrote:

> I plan on working a bunch more on the QT engine this weekend as well as maybe kick in the kde native set as well. I will also be hacking some more on GLADE and seeing just how tight a integration I can get with the IDE .
> dvortex do you have any of the disigner kicking around that I can look at.
> Cliff

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