[lazarus] Fw: [gimpwin-dev] missing export: gtk_paned_set_gutter_size

Vincent Snijders vrs at dds.nl
Sun Apr 30 14:10:59 EDT 2000

I asked Tor Lillqvist the porter of gtk to win32, why the function
gtk_paned_set_gutter_size was missing and he gave me this excellent answer:

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From: Tor Lillqvist
To: gimpwin-dev at egroups.com
Vincent Snijders writes:
> The export of gtk_paned_set_gutter_size seems to be missing in the
> GTK-1.3.DLL of 20000416. It was there in previous releases, i.e.
> 20000215.

> Is there a reason for this omission?

Yes, gtk_paned_set_gutter_size has been obsoleted. It is #defined in
gtkcompat.h as '(void) 0'. That's what it means when the Windows port
is based on the development version of GTk+, there isn't necessarily
binary compatility between snapshots. GTK+ 1.4 will definitely not be
binary compatible with GTk+ 1.2, and not necessarily even 100% source

> I am not using this function, but this function is included in the
> pascal headers I use and I got an error because of a missing export,
> when I use the latest dll's.

This function shouldn't be used any longer. The docs/Changes-1.4.txt file

- gtk_paned_set_gutter_size() has been removed, since the small handle tab
  has been changed to include the entire area previously occupied by
  the gutter.


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