[lazarus] Lazarus wont run

Chris Moody moodcon at pacbell.net
Sun Apr 30 16:41:47 EDT 2000

Hi Marc,

Thanks for the response, I also have Linux on my system, but was unable to
get Lazarus to compile there, I don't recall what the error was though.

Could you tell me what I need to do to get Lazarus to compile under Linux?

Thanks once again,

Chris Moody
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> At 11:00 30-04-2000 -0700, Chris Moody wrote:
> >Hi Marc,
> >
> >Thanks for the suggestion, I tried it  and now Lazarus lives.
> >
> >But I was wondering, is it supposed to open a console window when you run
> >Lazarus? I have also installed Gimp and it brings up a console window for
> >couple seconds and then goes away.
> In a later stage the console might be removed. For now it is used to log
> our (debug) messages.
> >I also noticed that the menu bar doesn't come up until I run my mouse
> >click) where the menu options are. Makes me wonder what else I'm not
> >At this point I have two rows of icons, the first one deals w/ file
> >and opening, and new files. The second row deals w/ GUI items such as
> >bars, radio buttons ect. Is this all that is supposed to be displayed?
> If everything works OK you would heve seen more. Howerver there is a
> in the win32 verion (and not in linux version) which results in a
> update of the toolbar. You've probably seen the huge amout of messages
> produces. There is currently worked on but it is hard to track down since
> most development takes place under Linux.
> Watch this list to see when it is fixed.
> Marc
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