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Vital Tremblay
vital at videotron.ca

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><p>vital at videotron.ca wrote:
><blockquote TYPE=CITE>At 12:11 00-04-27 -0400, you wrote:
><br>>Sleep is a function found in Basic NOT Pascal.&nbsp;&nbsp; ;-)&nbsp;
>;-)&nbsp; ;-)
><p>Sleep is a WinAPI Function defined in windows.pas of Delphi
><p>Vital Tremblay
><br>vital at videotron.ca
>Actually unsigned int sleep(unsigned int seconds) is a unix/c
><br>function it lives in &lt;unistd.h> on my linux box, I believe it puts
><br>the process into sleep state (this doesn't exist in windows), the
><br>windows Sleep() is a poor man's copy. There is also a
><br>void usleep(unsigned long usec); which lives in &lt;unistd.h> as well
><br>it's much the same as sleep but uses micro secs. see man 3 sleep
><br>or man 3 usleep on your linux cmd line.
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