[lazarus] Lazarus will run

Chris Moody moodcon at pacbell.net
Sun Apr 30 22:51:10 EDT 2000

Hi Marc,

Ok, I got Lazarus to run under linux, sorta.

I was unable to make or edit forms, and only the Standard Tab had options
that made scense, the second tab had a select list, and the rest were blank.

Is this normal? or did I do something else wrong?


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> At 13:38 30-04-2000 -0700, Chris Moody wrote:
> >Hi Marc,
> >
> >Thanks for the response, I also have Linux on my system, but was unable
> >get Lazarus to compile there, I don't recall what the error was though.
> >
> >Could you tell me what I need to do to get Lazarus to compile under
> Most of it is covered in the Howto:
> http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org/how.php3?language=english#LINUX
> Basically:
> Get & install CVS
> Get & install FPC
> Get the latest sources from CVS
> Do a make in the rtl, fpc, packages/gtk and finally lazarus dir.
> Thats all :-)
> Marc
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