[lazarus] how to compile with native win 32 compos

marius mapopa at netsoft.ro
Thu Dec 7 02:37:11 EST 2000

yes indeed to many changes in the interfaces
it didn't compiled ...
but i tried the on redhat 7 and at final linking
it seems that i don't have X11...
but i looked and i really have it in the /lib dir
i took the ziped version

Marc Weustink wrote:

> + From: Shane Miller [mailto:SMiller1 at stvgb.org]
> + Sent: Wednesday, 06 December, 2000 16:00
> + To: lazarus at miraclec.com
> + Subject: Re: [lazarus] how to compile with native win 32 compos
> +
> +
> + The WIN32 isn't near as far as GTK is.
> +
> + What we used to do is change a DEFINE in interfaces.pp but I
> + see theres an Interfaces.pp in each directory
> + (lazarus/lcl/interfaces/gtk win32 and qt).  I assume all you
> + need to do is take the GTK directory out of your path and add
> + the win32 one.  I changed the DEFINE in the
> + win32/interfaces.pp file so do a CVS UPDATE and remove the QT
> + and GTK from your path.
> Nope, you don't need to set defines anymore. Thats automagically done (if
> needed at all) by the Makefiles and the files which are included.
> You only have to set the LCLPLATFORM environment var (or make
> LCLPLATFORM=win32) to the platform you wish (which defaults to gtk).
> If you want to build the lcl without makefiles (have fun ;) then you have to
> make sure your paths are correct.
> I only would be surprised if the win32 platform would compile, because of
> the many changes in the interface since the last update of the win32 code
> Marc
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