[lazarus] wow! on win32.....

mooseman mooseman at uniserve.com
Thu Dec 7 17:20:31 EST 2000

well, for the first time since i started playing with lazarus, i have been 
able to compile _and_ run it.

it looks good, but i am having severe redraw other painting artifacts....
also, am noting that the gtk performance on win32 leaves something to be 
desired. granted, i am running a dog slow pc, but it runs all my other 
software that i would benchmark it by....

i must say, however, that i am truly wow-ed by the looks...

i updated by CVS lastnight the lazarus source. got the GTK exception as 
reported by others. downloaded the new FPC(1.0.2) today.
just as a side note, i didn't download the FPC package complete with 
source. i had some problems with compiling lazarus as a result. it was 
complaining about not being able to find xmlcfg.pp and the other units 
related to xmlcfg.

has the FPC dir structure changed a lot recently? it seems that this 
installation 'looks' different. any comments?

i downloaded the GTK dlls from the lazarus site last night. didn't go to 
the other link... should i?

what other things should i look at to a) eliminate the redraw and painting 
problems and b) improve performance??

one last thing, when i was watching the debug window scroll by with 
messages, i noticed tons of gtk function failures.


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