[lazarus] CVS Committed

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Tue Dec 19 14:22:47 EST 2000

I have changed many things.  

I needed to create the OnActivate event for forms so that now works.  
I removed IDEEditor.pp
Main.pp has a lot less code.  Most things dealing with the source code are now handled in the TSourceNotebook and TSourceEditor classes.  They are found in the uniteditor.pp file.

What works:  Creating a new form will display the form and code.  

You can drop controls onto the form and they appear to effect the source.

You can edit and save your source.

If you close your source it will ask if you want to save it.  

You can toggle betwwen the source and the form IF the source is already displayed in the notebook.  If you close the source but leave the form open (like selecting CLose Page in Delphi) and you slect the form and tell it to toggle, it will not work (yet).


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