[lazarus] Very interesting new tool

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Mon Dec 25 00:03:25 EST 2000


I was sent a very interesting tool that can be used with the Lazarus
LCL. At this point various parts of the LCL have been established but as
you know the GUI IDE is still being developed. Here is somewhat of an
interesting stop gap measure.

Vasily I. Volchenko has sent me a simple tool that he created that
converts XForm .fd files into LCL code. I myself have not used XForms so
I need to do some investigating myself. The FD file is the Form
Definition file that is used by the 'Form Design' tool supplied with
XForms. It is a WYSIWYG Forms designer. As a short cut I have created a
.zip file that just contains the 'fdesign' application.


This is the Linux Elf version you can other platform versions by going
to the XForm site.


Anyway. After you create the .fd file with the fdesign tool you can run
the program Mr. Volchenko developed that takes this .fd file and turns
it into a standard LCL .pp file. It is really neat.

Here is the URL to get the code for this converter.


Once you get this untar it and run 'ppc386 fd2lcl.pp' and that will
build the application.

Then you just type 'fd2lcl {yourfile}.fd' and it builds the .pp file
based on the form definition in the .fd file and it should be compilable
LCL code.

Check it out.

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