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Shane Miller shane001 at ameritech.net
Sun Dec 31 14:04:30 EST 2000

But where is the glyph count?   Is that stored in the image file?

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>Shane Miller wrote:
>> How does TButtonGlyph determine the # of glyphs?  Should it be width
>> divided be height?
>Glyphs images are generally horizontal. If they are for buttons or for
>different states of an object then they would always be of the same
>size. You could make it vertical in orientation but horizontal is common
>and make more sense to me.
>> So if it's 50 pixels wide and 25 high then there would be 2?  We
>> would then be assuming the images are always square then.  Is that a
>> solution?
>I don't think you get it.
>You point the object to an image as a resource or whatever. The object
>determines the dimensions of the image. Let's say it determines that the
>image is 60 high by 180 wide.
>Next it looks at the glyph count parameter. If it sees that this value
>is 2 then it knows that each glyph is 60 x 90. If this value is 3 then
>each glyph is 60 x 60.
>This way you are in complete control as to how many glyphs are supplied
>and the dimensions of each glyph. In the case where the glyphs are used
>with a button to indicate state you would make a fixed determination
>that the 1st glyph is 'on' then 2nd glyph is 'off', etc., etc.
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