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Curtis White cwhite at aracnet.com
Sun Dec 31 20:27:16 EST 2000

Oh, it would not be a calculated property. It would be one that you set. So if
you created an image with 5 images side by side, you would set the # of glyphs
to 5. Then you would set the width and height of one image and it would assume
that each of the other images were that same width and height. Then you would
have an index property that allows you to select which image is displayed.


Shane Miller wrote:

> How does TButtonGlyph determine the # of glyphs?  Should it be width divided
> be height?  So if it's 50 pixels wide and 25 high then there would be 2?  We
> would then be assuming the images are always square then.  Is that a
> solution?
> Shane
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> From: Curtis White <cwhite at aracnet.com>
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> Date: Saturday, December 30, 2000 1:24 AM
> Subject: Re: [lazarus] CVS Committed
> >On the TButtonGlyph, there should be a property that specifies how many
> images the Glyph contains. It should then be able to use the size of the
> Glyph to determine where the start of the second one is. For example, if the
> Glyph size is 30 and it contains 2 images,
> >then it would l get the first image at 0-29 and the second image at 30-59
> and the image count property would be 2. Then it would be completely
> configurable. If we wanted to add more states than just on and off we could.
> Seems like it should be fairly easy to
> >implement this. Just an idea if anyone has time.
> >
> >
> >Curtis
> >
> >Shane Miller wrote:
> >
> >> TStatusBar's Create and Destroy weren't overriding TWInControls so they
> never got called.
> >> I fixed this and now you can drop statusbar's onto a form.
> >>
> >> Also, I fixed gtkObject's entry to settext for csStatusbar.  We weren't
> getting a context_id when setting the test.
> >>
> >> I seem to remember that the statusbar was able to display more than one
> area of text in GTK but it doesn't look like the 1.2 version can.  I know
> the win32 one can but I'd swear that the gtk could too.  Anyone back me up
> on this and explain why it can't anymore?
> >>
> >> Also, I setup TButtonGlyph so when it paints it now checks the STATE and
> if the image width > 25 it draws from 25 - 50 instead of 0-25.  This will
> allow us to include enable/disable images in one glyph.
> >>
> >> I've only committed the SAVE, SAVEALL and RUN buttons with disable
> images.  They are actually in the resource imags/laz_images.lrs.
> >>
> >> Enjoy!
> >>
> >> Thanks
> >> Shane
> >>

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