[lazarus] how to...

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Sun Jul 2 17:16:19 EDT 2000

At 00:29 02-07-2000 +0200, Pavlovic Ivan wrote:
>Here's the error message I keep getting:
>ERROR: [TgtkObject.CreateFontIndirect] No fontname
>An unhandled exception occurred at 0x080C59BB :
>Access violation
>   0x080C59BB
>   0x00000000
>What should I do to fix it?

pfew... I'm not sure if the problems are related. The missing fontname is 
indeed an error and the reason for that is known. The code around it can 
handle it and should not dump.

A few questions;
- does the problem persis if you use xfs instead of xfstt
- Do you have the latest sources of lazarus (I assume you did, but it wasnt 
clear from your previous message)
- can you remake lazarus with the trace option and look if the output is 
different ?

   make clean
   make ide OPT=-dTRACE


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