[lazarus] RTL bug ?? TObject.FieldAddres

Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl
Fri Jul 7 16:32:36 EDT 2000

+ From: sg at harding.miraclec.com
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+ Of Sebastian Günther

+ Marc Weustink wrote:
+ >
+ > Hi,
+ > While pinpointing the current crashes in lazarus I found it
+ > related to the TObject.FieldAddres function.
+ How did you came to this conclusion? TObject.FieldAddress is
+ not used in your example program.

Ehh... this example is a simplified reconstruction of the Lazarus main.pp.
TComponent.Create calls InsertComponent which calls SetReference which calls

And somewhere between TComponent.Create and TObject.FieldAddress it got
messed up.
While looking at TObject.FieldAddress I saw it retrieve an Adress for an
empty name.
Besides this, maybe an idea to prevent unnecesary lookups and check if name
<> '' in TObject.FieldAddress

+ Perhaps Florian knows the answer, as he fixes another similar bug
+ recently:
+ This seems to be a problem with virtual constructors again. Marcs
+ example gives the following values here:

Maybe it is, while debugging I had troubles inspecting member vars.


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