[lazarus] Error again

Christian F deadking72 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 10 18:54:47 EDT 2000

Hello all
after see the message of Mark
i go download the latest snapshot of FPC
and i update my cvs with this
cvs -z3 update base docs fcl lazarus compiler rtl packages

But when i try to run lazarus it`s give me this in a ms-dos box
Gdk-CRITICAL **: file gdkdraw.c: line 122
gdk_drawable_unref):assertion `drawable != NULL' failed.

What is the Prob =)

And by the way i have some question about Lazarus

1: Lazarus are able to make win32 Executable ?
2: If you download the latest snapshot of FPC do you need to
recompile the compiler with make cycle or it`s in the snapshot

Christian Fillion

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