[lazarus] BorCon Update

Mike Zambeck mike at msodata.com
Tue Jul 11 04:22:59 EDT 2000

Greetings from San Diego.  Thought you all might want to know what's up
down here...

1.  Chairman Dale and Co. seem to have gotten the bug to create
cross-platform development tools.  Not just win32/linux, but very cross

2.  They also seem convinced that they can get a large number of VB
programmers to switch to Delphi with this theme: "Delphi 5 is the quickest
path to linux app development from VB.

3.  They had a couple more demos:

a.  The componant palette has a few tabs now.

b.  The quickie demo worked okay.

c.  They got a database access demo working with db componants and midas
that worked after a few tries.  Man, the guy doing the demo was bright red
and sweating bullets while he was having problems :)

All in all, pretty impressive.  The lady behind me even let out an 'oh my
god' when the db demo worked.

4.  I've only attended two linux/kylix sessions but they both had pretty
low attendance.  Based on chatting with a few attendies, it seems like the
delphi community at large isn't as excited about kylix as you might think.
Just my impression after a day...

5.  No mention of FPC/Lazarus.  That kind of irks me, especially when they
keep claiming that they're the 'first linux rad tool.'  Who knows, you
might be first!  I may bring this up to them if I have the opportunity.
Speaking of scheduling, the party line is 'release when it's finished.'

If anyone wants me to try to find out anything in particular, send a note
to me or the list and I'll do my best.

Mike Z.

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