[lazarus] Menus

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Fri Jun 9 13:45:22 EDT 2000

You think we should re-do the menus and use the gtk menu item factory to build them?  

We would have to hold an array of the description of the menus and when they changed,
call menuchanged and rebuild them all.

I'm thinking about it because I can't figure out how to add the shortcut's with our method.


>>> christer.t.johansson at se.abb.com 06/09/00 02:26AM >>>

I know that this question maybe is of limmit
but does anyone know how to make a rescue diskett in linux ?
I have one but want to create one in spare...
LILO does not work on my new computer, I am running Mandrake 7.0

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