[lazarus] Menus

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Sat Jun 10 12:03:40 EDT 2000

At 07:43 09-06-2000 -0500, Shane Miller wrote:

>You think we should re-do the menus and use the gtk menu item factory to 
>build them?

?? where is the item factory defined ?

>We would have to hold an array of the description of the menus and when 
>they changed, call menuchanged and rebuild them all.
>I'm thinking about it because I can't figure out how to add the shortcut's 
>with our method.

At this moment I can't see why we need to change the creation of menus. We 
are creating GTK menus and I guess that the item factory does the same.

BTW, isn't this functionality implemented by GtkAccelGroup ?


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